Who Am I?

  •   Troubadour 2015
  •   September 2nd, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Kaye Hyacinth Moslares

Ever think of how are you as a person? Like, asking the question “Do I still like myself?” Or “How do others describe me?”. In shorter terms, “WHO AM I REALLY INSIDE?”. As you wake up in the morning, you thank God for giving you such a blessing but do you really? Humans are rational & never can deny the fact that everybody has lapses in their life. SJSM, of course, makes sure that students can recall their lives. Now that’s the point of having recollections.

Another year is another recollection. Last, September 2,2015, The Year 9 students once again had their recollection at Don Bosco Retreat House. It was a day full of prayers and finding one’s inner self. A special day spending it with God. As the students arrived, all just stared at one another and only said the word “WOW”. Truly was it breathtaking. For the activities, It made everyone make known what all of us should be thankful for and how God made it all possible. Of course, who can’t forget about the food they were having as everyone had a break and filled their hungry stomachs. As usual, it won’t be called a recollection if there’s no confession! Everybody regained hope that they as it was ended with a Holy Mass. To sum everything up, tears were shed, moments were recalled, and memories were made. Oh, and photos were also taken (ha-ha). Indeed was it a recollection to remember and may all bring home a special lesson! Kudos & God Bless, to all Grade 9 students!