•   Troubadour 2015
  •   September 1st, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Ma. Monica Tillah

1. The Warriors
-from the name, they protect their class honor by joining in the games and sports, even if they joined last year, even if they’re the same players for all sports. Who can blame them though; new people won’t play because a lot of us are terrible at sports and games. If your classmates find out you’re good with any sport, you will be enlisted to play during Intrams. Forever.

2. The Clap-Cheer-Bully People
-their name is from the cycle they create when they cheer for The Warriors. After finding a good spot to sit and watch the game, they will begin to clap and cheer you on, even if the point went to the other team. Eventually, they’ll make fun of your face, the way you missed the ball, the way you fell down, the darker you’re getting under the hot sun. Then suddenly, they’re nice again. Maybe because they left and came back with more snacks.

3. The Dancing King/Queen
-The classmate who choreographed the dance. Yes, this classmate is the best dancer in your class (or the only one not shy). They like to say “Last one! Back to the top!” but then you end up dancing for 12 more times. But that’s alright- it’s worth it.

4. The Booth Raider
-these are the people who say the booths are expensive, but still buy from there. They have a French fry or donut in their hands and they say “that booth is unreasonable. Don’t buy there. Wait, I’m hungry, I’ll check if they’re still open.”

5. The Doras
-maybe not Spanish, but definitely an explorer. You see them walking around the campus often, but you have no idea where they’re from, or where they’re going. They just keep walking and walking, looking busy, but they’re just secretly using Intrams as an excuse to stalk their crushes. Maybe.

6. The Flash
not the fastest guy, these are the people who take endless selfies in almost all corners of the campus. Although gadgets aren’t allowed to be used, they find ways to take 12 photos of themselves wearing the new Foundation Day shirt, and 25 more photos of “candid” photos, even though they know there is a camera.

7. The Officers
-great power = great responsibility, true. Responsibility doesn’t sleep on special occasions. The Officers excuse themselves and spend the Intrams cleaning up, unless, they transform into any of the types of people mentioned above.