•   Troubadour 2015
  •   October 3rd, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Ma. Monica Tillah

On October 3, 2015, SJSM had celebrated the Transitus of St. Francis of Assissi inside the Mater Dei Auditorium (MDA).

The program started with a mass in the morning, wherein parents got to join, and had their plants and pets blessed by the presiding priest. No untoward incident happened as pets of all sort were welcomed in the school grounds.

When that was over, the program proper started. Despite it held in a Catholic school, the audience were reminded  that the celebration was not aimed and centered around the Catholics, but rather open to people of all faiths, as what St. Francis loved to do- unite everyone.

It started with some Ecumerical Songs, followed by prayers such as a prayer for good governance and for the poor, Body Prayer, then an Arabic prayer for peace and a solemn song of praise. There were also rituals, the dying of St. Francis nd sharing of bread that followed. Songs and dances continued and everyone was filled with grace and joy in the end