A Time to Recall (Grade 9 Students)

  •   Troubadour 2014
  •   September 29th, 2014
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Gernhie May Giganto

What is Recollection? Is it a party? A get together? A time to be with ourselves? Are students gonna have fun with this activity? Will they cry? Smile? Laugh?

Well, a recollection is an activity where students Reflect, Recharge, and Renew themselves. It makes them forget those home works, paper works and stuffs and let go of the busy world they had for the mean time. This activity enabled them to be with themselves and feel the greatness of God’s creation.
The Grade 9 Saint Bernardine Students were lucky to have their recollection last September 29, 2014 at the Redemptorist Holy Family Retreat House, Lahug, Cebu City. They were accompanied by Sr. Melanie and assisted by Ms. Melissa Ordeneza, their adviser.

Everyone was very excited of the said activity. As they stepped on the ground of the Location, the blowing cool wind touched their faces, silence can be felt all over the place and even though it was their second time there, it seemed like it was their first. While waiting for the other van to arrive, they were gladly having fun and enjoying the time and place which was very different from the place they used to be.

For the first activity, they were told to be with the nature and observe what God made. The following activity was very heartbreaking to the students. Guess what? They were told to surrender their gadgets. Yes, you read it right. The students surrendered all of their gadgets, kept away from the online world and be back to basics again. As youth, if you got your phone with you, it is very tempting to take selfies especially with the green and peaceful background. Am I right youngsters?

Moving forward, the theme of the recollection was showing love and concern to others. They watched many videos that made them realize how lucky they are. There were activities that made them show their true colors and what’s been hiding behind their big smiles. There were also activities that made them say “Oh! So that’s why he’s acting that way”. See? That Recollection they had, made them realize things

Moreover, after feeding up their tummies, they had their confession that helped them be clean again and let go of those sins that made their soul dirty. It was preceded with a Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Mark. The Last activity was pretty interesting. It made students write their positive comments for their classmates which made them  as their remembrance then, Picture taking won’t be forgotten. Smile here, smile there. It was indeed a very great activity that would not be forgotten. Thanks to God and to those who participated in the activity.