Soaring Falcons

  •   Troubadour 2016
  •   September 23rd, 2016
  •   sjsmadmin

Last September 23, 2016. On this historic day, Sir Mark Vincent Guinitaran, Volleyball coach and MAPEH teacher attended a solidarity meeting for the AXN Volleyball at the Mall, Year 2 at SM Seaside Cebu city. After a hearty meal with the coaching staff and event officials, they started the assembly. The talk was mostly about game rules and regulations, event proper and awards, after all the formalities been said and done, they all shook hands and had a picture taking to show merry sport, but little did the young athletes of St. Joseph’s School of Mactan know that the gathering would be the spark of a new adventure. Will they lose and learn from it or will they achieve glory and be crowned champions? Let’s find out!

After two weeks, on October 8, 2016. The Soaring falcons landed on SM Seaside Cebu’s mountain wing. They had arrived early, they immediately went on to see the silent battlefield where they will be spreading their wings. The court left each player’s mouth agape in awe as it was made with Para flex materials commonly seen only on Television. They felt like they were playing on SM’s MOA Arena and the Araneta coliseum. For the first time the team had joined such a prestigious event, no wonder these young birds are feeling a bit anxious. As time went by, other teams came flocking in. The falcons kept on eyeing each team intently and can’t help but notice all their player’s towering height. ”Uhhhr!” Without further ado, the buzzer had sound signaling the start of the falcons first match against the Colegio dela Immaculada Conception. It was a complete victory for the falcons with a score of 25-0. The training of the players led by Mhel Gibs Olores had really led to fruition through the time they spent doing volleyball drills and strenuous exercises. Days of sacrifice and sweat paid off as the athletes tasted their first victory. They have shown that talent and height isn’t everything in volleyball. Effort releases its reward to those who refuse to quit.

The next day, October 9, 2016, the falcons came back to SM Seaside Cebu to partake in the Quarterfinals against St. Louis School Mandaue. The Falcons went all out, full throttle as the game started, since they know that their opponent is not to be underestimated. It was such a heated battle as the ball was passed back and forth the court. St. Louis delivers their kills with accuracy, but the falcons, with solid receptions fought back. Each team displayed the array of skills in their arsenal as the game went on. It was a battle worthy of an audience. These little athletes exhibited never-ending tenacity and resolve. They had the will to win, but then again only one may advance to the next round, the winner of the match is St. Louis. They have all shown something near heart. The heat had turned into sportsmanship and camaraderie as they all lined up and shook hands. “What is defeat? Nothing but Education, Nothing but the First Step to Something Better.” The Falcons will learn from their defeat and fly anew in the skies of victory. The Soaring Falcons was Ranked 6 out of 15 schools who participated in the game. The next time the Falcons fight, they will be ready. We do learn from our mistakes.

The excellent individuals behind this team are:


  • Frances Erika F. Borces – Team Captain
  • Norevel C. Maturan
  • Irish Trisha Mae I. Jimenez
  • Ma. Floramae D. Bancale
  • Felyss Mañacap
  • Pamel Ann P. Olores
  • Patricia Saragena
  • Sophia Lindsy Mojado
  • Jaeme Allyson S. Barba
  • Mechelle Deniz A. Gutierrez
  • Desiree Mae B. Dy
  • Alyssa Marie Cosep


  •  Mark Vincent M. Guinitaran

Asst. Coach

  •  Dave Antoni P. Dandasan


  •  Mhel Gibs P. Olores