•   Troubadour 2017
  •   June 13th, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

SJSM is known for its core values, and one of it is the Integrity of Creation. For months in every flag ceremony, one of the SFIC sisters would not fail in reminding the students to pick up trashes that are palpable in the school grounds to maintain not only peace but unfailing cleanliness. As this goes on, the struggle of achieving absolute neatness was still not consummated.

“Bring your own lunch box and water container,” said St. Joseph’s School of Mactan (SJSM) School Principal, Sr. Agnes V. Labitoria as she and the other SFIC Sisters observed how the accumulated trashes in our school were piled up, garbage bag after garbage bag, near the Mater dei Auditorium (MDA). It was emphasized that most of the trashes were from the student’s food containers bought from the school vendors, namely: paper cups, plastic cups, plastic utensils, and et cetera. Furthermore, it became an issue that highly concerns the SJSM’s environment.

Now as the environmental disturbance occurred, it was nonverbally stated that the students should exhort to the Sr. Agnes’ statement; and I undoubtedly believe in this. We should be advocates of nature, and that only starts if we obey simple statements that only aims to beautify our surroundings. If the piled up trashes could be obliterated through bringing own lunch box and water container, then let’s see to it that it will be absolutely done without fail. If one problem can be solved through simple solutions, then we must go after it. This is just a matter that needs the concentration of one’s mind.

By: Claire St. Collette Assumption I. Apit