SJSM claims Arnis victory in District Meet 2016

  •   Troubadour 2016
  •   September 1st, 2016
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Rey Angelo Gabule – Grade 11 St. Rose

Last September 1, 2016, the District Meet 2016 was held. Featuring their best athletes , schools from different districts of Lapu-lapu City clashed in many sports events
, and one of these sports is Arnis. St. Joseph’s School of Mactan(SJS-M) managed to send their one and only arnis player, Rey Angelo A. Gabule, to game on.

The Arnis event was held at Punta Engano National High School(PENHS). They held their pride as the host school by participating also in the event through their very own Arnis team. Aside from PENHS and SJS-M, Mactan National High School(McNHS) also participated in the said event.

The said event started with a prayer at 9:30 A.M, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, and the Kata Exhibition. Both PENHS and SJS-M arnisadors participated and showcased their graceful moves and amazing strikes at the show. Two Kata event was held , namely : “Kata Single Baston” and “Kata Double Baston”. These were exhibited through the method of shadow fighting wherein you move as if you have an imaginary enemy. PENHS arnisadors showed their katas first, amused the spectating crowd with their mastered techniques. Next was SJS-M, showing awesome acrobat-like tricks which made the crowd’s eyes glimmer and claps to applause.

The next and the most exciting event was the “Labanan”. This was done through wearing protective gears  and using padded stick as a weapon to strike your enemy and gain points for at least two to three rounds, wherein a player needs to win two rounds. Player were also categorized according to weight divisions, namely: Pinweight Division, Bantamweight Division, Featherweight Division, Extralightweight Division, and Lightweight Division. SJS-M arnisador Gabule was placed in the Extralightweight Division. As the battle emerged to be PENHS over SJS-M, gears were worn and both players prepared for the great clash. As the fight began, sticks packed a boom and action rose to an intensity as the players made accurate and powerful strikes. It was 2 P.M. at that time, and the heat of the watching sun added to the heat of the arena.

The battle was an overwhelming victory for SJS-M. Winning both two rounds simultaneously, the fight ended in favor of Gabule, and he will advance to the Unit Meet 2016 to be held in Bankal National High School(BNHS) in the upcoming month of October.

Cheer up Josephs and Josephines!