•   Troubadour 2017
  •   June 13th, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

What a roller coaster ride it has been. Going back to the memory lane, I can remember the eagerness of my friends and I to graduate in grade 10, yet SHS came and we have to add 2 more years to our senior year. You know the feeling when you are supposed to jump yet someone grabbed you to stop? Yes! That’s the feeling! It wasn’t easy being the pioneers, being the first try and being the ones examined yet it was worth it! Those struggles from exams to more research to be more confident, learn new things, exercise our capabilities and nourish our souls to be extra ready to face the bigger world. We were able to work ready in the field that we love, and had the basics in our chosen path.

Now, we are few steps closer to our dreams. I began to realize that we were stopped

to jump because we still need to have more things in our minds and hearts to jump even higher. As we jump to the tertiary level, I can confidently say that SJSM indeed molded us to be ready.

As a student who has been there for almost 11 years, it’s hard to leave, the place, the people, and the memories, but one thing is for sure, all the learning and values of a true Josephs and Josephines will remain in our hearts forever.

By: Gernhie Mae Giganto