Rocking Up The Nutrition Month

  •   Troubadour 2015
  •   July 31st, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Rio Princess Aballe

On July 31, 2015, was the culmination day of our Nutrition Month. We were greeted with rain and cold wind yet SJS-M students were still filled with joy and excitement. They keep yelling “Rain or Shine!” and I can say, we are unstoppable.

The day started with a Zumba dance to brighten up the chilly morning.The MDA was booming up with sounds and the students were nae-naeing and whipping it in. All of them participated and I felt the fun vibe spreading around the room. Not only the students danced, but also the teachers and staffs who revealed their secret talent of breaking it down with swag.

This year’s nutrition month theme is “Timbangiwastosatamangnutrisyon at ehersisyo”. This aims to raise awareness to our society on the problem of obesity in our country. Through this we can help ourselves to be more fit and to prevent obesity which can cause harm to our bodies. I think the students got the idea and made colorful poster slogans out of it. Besides the slogan, they also made healthy food meals through the cooking contest which made other students know the precise right food to eat and also made their stomachs growl.

There were lots of activities held in the culmination day but the most awaited one is the A1 Boy and A1 Girl Contest. Wearing their creative vegetable/fruit costumes, they walked the runway flawlessly and introduced their designated food. Shouts and screams were sung in their tune as the students supported their representatives. They wore headdresses and held placards up high. Some of the contestants were heating it up with their humorous and knowledgeable information about their vegetables and fruits.

Food nourishes our body. Being well nourished means eating portions of food that is just right for us. It also means, we must get enough nutrients that our body needs. The true definition of fitness refers to our own optimal health and overall well-being. The culmination day ends with giving the awards to the numerous winners of the different contests that happened in the whole nutrition month. Through this event, students were united again and made a new connection together to uphold that we must be healthy for the sake of our future. With our passion and intellect, let’s rock and roll to the world!