•   Troubadour 2015
  •   January 25th, 2016
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Kaye Hyacinth Moslares

Every 3rd Sunday of January marks the grandest celebration of all, no other than, SINULOG! This is the feast day of Señor Sto. Niño, which was historically given by Magellan to Rajah Humabon, the Sultan of Cebu, symbolizing the birth of our Christianity.

As part of this celebration, who can’t forget about the Patronal visit of St. Niño to specific places and luckily, St. Joseph’s School is chosen. Last 25th of January was scheduled to be the day SJSM to pay tribute to the child Jesus and to do so, A celebration of the Holy Eucharist was done and a vigil as well including the praying of the Holy Rosary. Of course, the traditional Sinulog dance won’t make SINULOG complete. Several Grade 8 students and a freshmen (as the queen), welcomed & performed the traditional Sinulog dance with awe and festivity.

After the “reyna” graced her way carrying St. Niño, she then passed it to one of our beloved teachers to pass it on & on as well. Everyone was enjoying the beat with one dance and music for the Spirit of Sinulog was greatly emphasized, most especially, SJSM welcomed St. Niño the best way possible. Viva Pit Señor to all and if I may say so in bisaya, “SYAGIT OG KUSOG!”.