A Nutritious Nutrition Month 2017

  •   Troubadour 2016
  •   June 29th, 2016
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Nini Marionne Joyce C. Labrador, Grade 5 – St. Felix

Last July 2016, the Nutrition Month was celebrated and many contests were conducted to uplift the confidence and encourage the students to be healthy in either ways such as Poster and Slogan Making, Nutri-Jingle, Fruit Carving, Essay Writing, Quiz Bee and so on.

The first contest was the poster and slogan making which was participated by Grades 4 – 11 representatives. It was challenging with the theme “First 1,000 days ni baby, pahalagahan para sa malusog na kinabukasan”. All of them did their best to show their creativity and their artistic side. They went ham and cheese on their self-made posters and slogan and were in the verge of beating of the deadline just to finish a well and good output. The battle of creativity ended with the winners from Grade 6 – St. Fidelis for the elementary level and Grade 10 – St. Hyacinth for the high school level.

Another contest conducted was the Quiz Bee competition which was held at the MDA and were participated by the representatives of each section from Grades 4 – 6. The said contest was hosted by Tr. Lea Icoy, Tr. Crystallie Crysst Flores, and Tr. Devie Mahy Frejoles with their scorer Rigel Ken Senerpida. The contest tested their knowledge about food, especially fruits and vegetables and their nutritious content. Everybody surely did their best but the victors of this battle were the Grade 6 St. John as the first placer, followed by Grade 6 St. Fidelis as the second place, and lastly the Grade 6 St. Felix as the. Aside from the aforesaid contests above, the said event also has fruit carving and nutria jingle. Both contests were participated by the high school students.

Last July 29, 2016, the month long celebration was ended with a culminating activity prepared by the Homemakers Club.  All of the activities being prepared helped the students be well-informed and aware about the nutrition that an individual must intake.