Mr. Leo Senerpida’s Welcome Address

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  •   August 12th, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

(Outgoing PTA President)

It is a privilege for me to be here once again to give you the narrative of the PTA’s latest journey for the school year 2016 – 2017.

Just like any other journey, this one is not at all strewn with roses but not also that hard at all. This is because you are there, continuously showing your unwavering support to our team. We are one in hand in promoting and supporting our school for the welfare of our children to make this institution their secondary home. We are one in witnessing how our kids grow and build connections between their day at school and life at home. We are seeing the gradual transformation of our youngster as they develop a sense of trust and confidence in their surroundings and the school environment.

We like what we see. We are comfortable of what we witness. We are elated of what we have observed. And we want these to go on and on with minimal distractions, thus placing our trust in this school once again for the old enrollees and entrusting for the first time the new one by enrolling our children here. There is much feeling of reassurance when you know that your kids are protected, cared and in good hands. We can do our daily activities with peace of mind and with no reservation for we know at the back of our minds that our precious students are safe and secured. That is an affirmation from us parents of our confidence towards the school and we want this to continue for as long as it takes with the organization to assume an active role in it.

That is why the focus of our PTA was to sustain the prior year positive development. We would be supporting every activity of the school in every activity of the school in every way we can. Be it our presence, time or financial as the case maybe. We want to emphasize the success of our last year joint celebration of Christmas Party and Family Day. It was an activity that I’ll be recommending for the next PTA administration to emulate and maybe surpass in preparation as this served as the catalyst of our dear parents wholehearted and active participation and not to mention – high attendance by far of any school activity. That particular event was a clear manifestation that any activity for that matter with proper dissemination and support among concerned group and individuals will surely gain much affirmation enough to make the occasion wondrous and triumphant. The same also was a confirmation that collective efforts in achieving goal have greater chances of success than doing it single handedly. This is most especially true when the agenda veers away from the common aspirations of the multitude.

Let us not therefore be the hindrance on the growth of the school to further the development of our children. Let us not demand much without rendering the same measure from our-self to the service of the school. Let us not hold back the momentum and the gains the school has initiated and accumulated for the past years. After all, it’s the welfare of our children is at stake here. Let us work hand in hand so we can reach our destination. Make our stay her as rewarding as possible by acquiring memories of happy experiences.

In a few moments from now, we will be electing a new set of PTA officers for the school year 2017 – 2018. I would not preempt their plan for this year but just a suggestion to think about – maybe as a head start – to work around our glitches on that activity to achieve a near perfect celebration.

I would not say that all our other tangible projects were not important as this, but believe me, in my assessment; it is more than that kid’s playground we jointly supported. It is much more than the 3 TV sets the organization has painstakingly dream of providing so our students can be at par with other schools in terms of technology and quality of education. It is above of the financial support and sharing of expenses on various academic activities our school has initiated, all for the benefits of the well-being of our students.

Do you know the reasons why I categorized this particular activity over and above the others?

Because, YOU were there. Everybody was there. The parents, the students, the teachers, the school administration, friends and relatives joined in a celebration akin to A VERY ONE BIG FAMILY. Actively participating, enjoying, laughing, sharing, waiting, anticipating and looking forward for the same event maybe this YEAR, NEXT YEAR, THE YEAR AFTER NEXT or as long as it takes. You can just imagine how rewarding and fulfilling it is to see the happy faces of all basking in the presence of love ones, family members and the SJSM community.

And as your outgoing PTA President, what could I ask more?

Thank you and once again. GOOD MORNING…