Lingua Franca, the Badge of our Nationalism

  •   Troubadour 2014
  •   August 29th, 2014
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Hannah Dae Commendador

Unity really resides in the hearts of the Filipinos, and to celebrate this unity that binds our Filipino fellowmen as to form one beautiful nation, the St. Joseph’s School of Mactan community rejoices as they celebrate the “Buwan ng Wika”, last August with the theme: “FILIPINO: Wika ng Pagkakaisa”.

The culmination was held on September 1 due to some conflict of the schedule for the PAASCU Accreditation of the school. This was organized by the Filipino Club with their moderator Mr. Harry Abaño. The activities that were done for the whole month was well-planned and these activities really showed the Filipino Spirit of each of the members of the institution, of course by the students.

There were many activities prepared by the Filipino Club, which were very enjoyable but very challenging; these games were simple but they really brought out the traits of the Filipinos especially our Filipino heroes before, like being courageous, brave, and determined to win the battle. Some contests were scheduled before the culmination such as the Quiz Bee, Essay Writing Contest and Poster Making Contest. During the Culmination Day, the elementary pupils played the games; Sack Race, Maria Went to Town, Planting Rice and Bring Me.  They really enjoyed them because these days, children are usually glued to their gadgets and they rarely play these kinds of games; it’s very pleasing for them to explore more out of their childhood before it is too late. Good thing that the school really encourages them to enjoy and appreciate the games that people had way back when technology didn’t really innovate yet. The high school students also played Tug of War, which was by year level, like our Filipino heroes before, it is like, fighting for their country, and their beloved country for the students was for the legacy of their batch. The Mater Dei Auditorium was filled with cheers that obviously showed their delight and enjoyment as they support their batch mates.  On the other hand, even though they were striving hard to win, still, the sportsmanship resided in their hearts. In the end, we belong and are just molded by the values of the same institution, right?  There was also a Balagtasan done by the selected pupils that talks about the opposition between the Wikang Pambansa and Wikang Banyaga. This topic enlightened the hearts of everyone, and reminded them of the love for their nation by loving their own language. It was followed by the awarding of the winners of the different contests. The school principal, Sr. Agnes V. Labitoria, SFIC also gave an inspirational message. The culmination was ended by a spectacular performance by “The Chen” which sang various songs to entertain and for the girls to freak out on.

We all know that these days, we don’t really always use the Filipino Language, and most of the time, even majority of our subjects in school we use the English Language. Isn’t it ironic writing this article in the English Language? English is the international language and it connects people and nations from all parts of the world. Nevertheless, let us not reject our mother tongue for it symbolizes our nationality, it says more about who we are. Aren’t you proud of how unique our culture is? Shout it out to the world; for we are blessed with values thought by our ancestors, we are rich with natural resources, and fascinating views around the country. Our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal quoted: “Ang di magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa malansang isda”. Philippines and our fellow Filipinos are definitely rightful to be proud of.