The Light to our Bright Future

  •   Troubadour 2016
  •   February 22nd, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Veronica Teresia A. Madelo

Our school is our second home and our teachers stand as our second parents. Our teachers may seem nice at times but they could be the fiercest beast when you break the rules in the room. Some may chill and others may be terror.
Our knees would weaken or our nose would bleed if our teacher would call us for the surprise recitation in class. We may hate them sometimes, but at the end of the day, we would realize how important they are in our lives.

Our teachers have taught us not only how to use verbs in a sentence or how to add and subtract numbers but also taught us real life lessons we can keep in our hearts and minds. Lessons that would mark on our heads and would struck our hearts. We could not sometimes fathom how our teachers would get through each day, working whole day with cracked voice and swelling feet. And on night, they would be so stressed about their paper works and their life outside the school. And it’s amazing to think that they are so eager to teach us even they are so tired already. Teaches have sacrificed a lot in this noble job. They have shared a piece of their life to touch our lives, to make learning a worthwhile process. It is the greatest achievement of teachers to touch the lives of the students even in their simple way of empowering their minds and knowledge in this world. Terms, equations, words, and the like can be forgotten in the span of time, but the mark that they have left in our hearts is engraved until we are old. And the support, love, concern, and trust that they have showed to us means a lot. They became our number one fan or cheerleader when the class joins a competition or a game. They may nag and scold us every time we get naughty and loud but still, they have their all-out support and love in everything we do. And if we have problems, they are there to comfort, understand and help us. Even in their simplest kind of kindness, you can feel their genuine concern and love. They may not be our real parents or family, but what they show is more than enough to think that they are our real family.

School would not be complete if our teachers did not exist. They made our life a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. School works, assignments, projects and the stuffs are only part in nurturing our future. They became our teacher, friend, parent and everything else we could tag on them. Words are not enough to thank all their efforts and sacrifices just to light the path of the students to the future. And to all teachers out there, thank you teachers for saying yes in this noble yet challenging job in the world.