Intramurals 2014 and 19th Foundation Day

  •   Troubadour 2014
  •   September 8th, 2014
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Kris Dianne Amaba

Intramurals 2014 was a blast, full of enthusiasm and fortuitous moments for each one of us. Everyone was vibrant and blithesome enough in participating in different activities and games. I can see in their eyes that they were enjoying building up with their teams and batch mates.

Of course, Intramurals was nothing without a merry cheer. Each level of pupils and students from Grade Four to Fourth Year had an overwhelming cheer for them to recognize what level they belonged and to have jocundity in engaging with others.

19th Foundation Day of SJS-M was also celebrated last September 8, 2014. It was also the birthday of Mama Mary. We had a thanksgiving mass and a parade going to the Anthurium, Bankal Lapu-lapu City and going back to the school. But, there was a heavy rain that led to a cancelation of the cheer dance competition. Lighting and thunder were roaring over head. Students felt sad just because their props were wasted and there was no more money to buy through.

Here are the answers of every representative from a student, teacher, alumni and a parent of the interview in which what they felt during the Intramurals 2014.

  • Student (Menekse Hermosisima from Yr. IV – St. Maximilian):
    Intramurals 2014 was the greatest Intramurals I’ve ever had in my whole High school life! Though I wasn’t part of the different sports, I felt so nervous for my batch mates who played. It was really a success for us, seniors. Proud to be one.
  • Teacher (Sir Harry Abaño, FILIPINO Teacher):
    As what I have observed about the intramurals last September 8-12, 2014, I can say that it was really fun and energetic. All of the students from different section really gave their best and showed what they can do. They gave support to each other to accomplish everything.
  • Alumni (Vaughn Joseph Dandasan):
    The intramurals for the alumni in St. Joseph was a great experience for me. I played alongside the alumni volleyball team and fought against the parents and teachers, it was very fun and all of us enjoyed every last bit of it. It was also very fulfilling for us because we were able to beat our opponents even though we have no proper training. It was really great day and I’m proud to say La Josephenian!
  • Parent (Mr. Albino Amaba):
    The best intramurals I’ve ever seen for Seniors. They are very united, cheerful, patient, sports minded, considerate and mist of all matured enough in all aspects. I saw the eagerness and enthusiasm shaken their opponents in all of the games even though most of them facilitated the orders of the parade.

Memories can be captured most in our hearts. Winners and losers are always part of the game. Being a winner is such a productive one but should maintain being a down-to-earth. Being a loser is not a hindrance of everything but an inspiration and aspiration to move forward to be a better one. Just remember that an ounce of experience contains a pound of lessons. So live life to the fullest and be optimistic all the time.