“Garland of Roses”

  •   Troubadour 2015
  •   October 1st, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Julia Marie Malate

The Rosary plays a big impact in our Christian faith. With rosarium as its Latin origin, the Rosary is often known as “crown of roses”. According to pious tradition, the concept of the rosary was given to Saint Dominic in an apparition of the Virgin Mary in the year 1214 in the church of Prouille. And if ever you’re wondering were I got the last fact, it is from a famous website. Seriously, you should try to look it up. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that the Rosary is a huge part in our life as Christians.

Last October 2015, the SJSM community celebrated the Rosary Month. For the whole month, each class was asked to pray the Rosary everyday; the students should pray one mystery per subject. On the culmination day, a living Rosary was held and organized by the institution with the help of selected teachers, staff and students as the “beads” of the rosary. Some also offered roses to Mother Mary. All in all, it was a successful event.

As Christians, we all know and pray the rosary. But do we? We sometimes pray by words, not by thoughts. As this occasion has ended, let us all realize that we acknowledge the garland of roses.