Being Creatively Diversed with English, Science and Math

  •   Troubadour 2016
  •   January 3rd, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Marie Claire Paglinawan 

Last January 2017, when the eyes of the SJSM institution laid focus on this year’s ENSCIMATH month celebration with the theme: “Innovative Interconnectedness of English, Science, and Math through Creativity and Diversity”.
EnSciMath today does not only put up the idea of just simply promoting knowledge about English, Science and Math in the 21st Century but, it is raising the idea that of generation to generation, these have become outlets of creativity and diversity.

The amusement of the celebration did not just last for a day like the usual; it is throughout the entire month. Engaging activities were most-likely experienced. First was the Poetry Reading performed every after the flag ceremony every day by representatives from different classes. Secondly, the Poster Making Contest won by Nini Marionne Labrador of Grade 5 St. Veronica for Elementary level, and Gianne Aira Baring of Grade 10 St. Hyacinth for JHS-SHS level and Slogan Making Contest won by Melrose Judilla of Grade 6 St. John for Elementary Level and Maria Floramae Bancale of Grade 9 St. Bernardine. Both competition was held at the SJSM’s Library last January 20, 2017. Next, the Quiz Bowl which had three representatives from every section of every year battling for the title of winner. Grade 5 St. Veronica and Grade 10 St. Louis might have battled it out the greatest and brought the title home. Mathsayaw was a huge dance success held at the MDA on January 19, 2017 won by Grade 10 St. Hyacinth. After, Amazing Race, which required six representatives from every year level held at the different areas in the school as pit stops, was done on January 25, 2017 won by the Grade 7 students whom amazingly raced it to the finish line. But, the fun wasn’t over when all the efforts and such outstanding cooperation from every section of Grade 7-10 was seen during the Human Museum last January 27, 2017 and won by Grade 10 St. Maximilian. Lastly, the most awaited Eco-Fashion Show that happened last January 31, 2017 with two representatives from every year level wearing their dashing suits and jaw-dropping gowns specially created by the Josephs and Josephines. In the end, Grade 10 students brought home the bacon. At the same day was the culminating activity where all were one at the Mater Dei Auditorium with nothing but joys and laughter propagated. With the help of the Speak Up Club, Mathletes, Green Cardinals, together with their moderators and coordinators, EnSciMath was a triumph.

EnSciMath Month 2017 was more than just a celebration, it was a bond. It has truthfully portrayed the core values and lived up to its theme. It has catered to the students’ need of learning through a fun and interactive way. Those values were not only instilled in their mind but, will always be carried by them in the future. Thus, the interconnectedness of English, Science and Math was purified with the guidance of Christ being the center of this event.