BUWAN NG WIKA Officially Opens

  •   Troubadour 2017
  •   August 4th, 2017
  •   sjsmadmin

In the Spanish Era, it can be easily observed that our co-Filipinos were deeply in love and are very protective of our own language-Filipino. To always remind us of its importance, we annually celebrate “Buwan Ng Wika” every month of August of the year. Last August 4, 2017, the SJSM community officially opened the Buwan ng Wika with the theme, “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago.” The Grade 11-St. James students gave and showed us tremendous and creative performances. They wore Filipino attires and their song choices were touches Filipino too such as  “Piliin mo Ang Pilipinas” and “I Love Cebu” were played during their dance performances. They even showed us a brief history of our language, Filipino,  through a race play. They  explained how the language starts and even the current modifications of the language done by the millennials

The audiences were undeniably happy  and enticed of  the activities  They cheered while wearing their genuine smiles. It was indeed one of the best. Sir Maxcel Tembrevilla, the KALIFI Club moderator, gracefully ended the ceremony with Jose Rizal’s famous quote, “Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa kanyang sariling wika ay higit pa sa hayop at malansang isda.”

By: Maybelle Calipayan