The Most Awaited Moment Comes

  •   Troubadour 2015
  •   September 8th, 2015
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Laura Joan Matheu

Every year, students yearn for a week where they don’t have to worry about grades or assignments or school works; a time for them to have fun and relieve their stress from school work. They call it INTRAMURALS. SJSM’s Intramurals 2015 officially started on September 08, 2015 with a parade from the school to Mactan Newtown and followed by the Dance Palabas of the DLBC from Mactan Elementary School and Mactan National High School and of course from SJSM as well. The opening of the Intramurals then occurred with an opening message from the School Principal, Sr. Agnes V. Labitoria, SFIC and the lighting of the official torch conducted by Mr. John Larry Cinco, a gold karatedo medalist. But what’s an Intramurals without the value of sportsmanship? Therefore, Mr. John Carlo Tapia, a soccer varsity, led the students in reciting the oath of sportsmanship which is essential throughout the Intramurals.

After the opening, the students went back to their designated places and had a Kainang Bayan. It was a time for them to bond with the other sections of the grade / year level. One could also noticed students having mini pictorials throughout the Lunch break as souvenirs for the Intrams. After the Lunch break, the Mr. & Ms. SJSM candidates showcased their talents to the whole SJSM community. Beat boxing, acting, dancing, singing, and even playing an instrument were exhibited throughout the whole talent competition.  One can see the unique talent of  each candidate. But, it was off to the ball games after the talent competition as the different players and athletes geared themselves up for the elimination rounds of the different sports. Win or Lose, the students really had fun. September 09, 2015 was considered as the rest day for both the students and the TAMS.

The activities of the intramurals continued on September 10, 2015. It started with a Flag Ceremony and followed by the Fun Day for the Pre-Elementary to the Grade 3 students. McDonalds was the official sponsor of the kid’s fun day. Hamburglar and Birdie were present to bring joy to the little kids. As the little kids were busy having fun with Hamburglar and Birdie, the rest of the students were busy cheering to the different teams as the ball games continued. It was mostly the championship round for most of the ball games. On the afternoon, the search for Mr. & Ms. SJSM 2015 Coronation Day took place. The students really cheered their hearts out as their batch representatives did their performances and had to pose on their School Uniform, Sports attire and Long gown & formal attire.

But, who could forget the last day of intramurals for the students? Of course, no one! On the morning of September 11, 2015, one can already see the students busy preparing their costumes and props and finalizing their dance steps as this was considered as the presentation day for the playground demonstration and the dance palabas. It started with a cute performance from the Pre – Elementary students and ended with an amazing performance from the grade 6 pupils for the playground demonstration. But on the afternoon, the High School students showcased their exciting dance moves as they tried to imitate their icon. You could see Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown and even Bruno Mars on their different performances.

But aside from it being the presentation day, it was also the Awarding ceremony for the different sports and activities that took place. In the end the Grade 6 and the Grade 10 were crowned victors of the Intramurals 2015.  The Intramurals officially closed with a united dance presentation from the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and the Seniors together with teachers. Indeed, Intramurals 2015 was really successful. It wasn’t about the medals or trophies, but the friendship and bond that were made. Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!