6th ASLC

  •   Troubadour 2015
  •   February 1st, 2016
  •   sjsmadmin

By: Earl Joseph Augusto

The 6th Adelante Student Leaders’ Congress (6th ASLC) was held by the USJR’s Supreme Student Council Officers for two days and one night. The word “adelante” is a Spanish word which means forward or ahead explained to us by the SSC officers. The officers spectacular in facilitating the event that it even made us think “College pa ni sila ?”. They served as a live wire in facilitating it. We really can relate to them since there’s just a few years gap in our ages.

Participating from the 6th Adelante Student Leaders’ Congress was such a great experience for me and my friend Dominic. We went there only by commuting. We asked different people on what and where are we gonna ride next in order for us to go there. When we finally arrived there with Sir Arnel waiting for us, someone gave us kits which has brochures, folder, ballpen, papers in it. Meeting with other delegates also made our experience great, it was the bond between the delegates and the officers that made it greater. We have seen other delegates cried, talked, laughed, studied about Jose Rizal, the Adelante situations before sleeping  which is rare to be seen for me. We participated in the team building activities like passing the tomato, making your own banner by only holding the tape which is attached to the marker, and especially Adelante studies. It is like you will be a given a situation and then you will solve it, report it, and defend it.

Overall,it was a really great experience and there are lots of things that I can’t explain since not all things can be explained just by words and I would like to thank Sir Arnel Calinacion for givinng us the opportunity to participate in the 6th ASLC. Great, why ? It was great because of the experience, the bond, the meaning, and most especially our meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), accomodation were all free. It is the best things in life are free.